Terry Pratchett con su Ignotus 2011 de novela

¡Objetivo conseguido! Entregado otro Ignotus de los que se habían quedado atrasados… Sir Terry Pratchett ha sido tan amable de hacerse una foto con el premio que ganó hace 3 años ya, por su novela Nación, y que todavía no habíamos podido entregarle. Hip, hip… ¡hurra! por Terry Pratchett. Target achieved! Another pending Ignotus finally …

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2013 Ignotus winners

The awards for the year’s best novel, short story, anthology, foreign novel, and other works, presented at HispaCon, the national annual convention.

Stories announced for the Visiones 2013 Anthology

Thirteen stories will appear in this year’s Visiones, which features original short stories by new writers. The anthology, now in its eighteenth year, is one of the most notable publications in the panorama of Spanish fantastic literature to find and promote up-and-coming talent.

Books from AEFCFT “on their way”

As members of the Association know, one of its purposes is to encourage the publication of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related genres. One of the ways the Association does this is by publishing books itself. For some time, the Association has been issuing two annual anthologies, Visiones and Fabricantes de Sueños. However, we’ve “skipped” …

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